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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Run-Tested Playlist - Mix for First Time Cruisers

We thought we would put together a genre-busting playlist with songs that have all been run-tested and loved. There should be something for everybody in this mix of songs.

  1. Three Little Birds - Bob Marley
  2. White Flag - Dido
  3. Stoppin The Love - KT Tunstall
  4. I'm Yours - Jason Mraz
  5. Rain King - Counting Crows
  6. Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Queen
  7. Paint It Black - The Rolling Stones
  8. Politik - Coldplay
  9. Dead And Gone - The Black Keys
  10. Thank You Very Much - The Kaiser Chiefs
  11. Everlong - Foo Fighters
  12. Lose Yourself - Eminem
  13. Welcome To Jamrock - Damian Marley
  14. We Will Become Silhouettes - The Postal Service
  15. 1901 - Phoenix
Run-Tested Playlists are a collection of songs that we, and our users, love Cruisin' to. Once on your phone, these songs are guaranteed to make it through the app's tempo analyzer. And, the beat is easy to follow when running. Want more tunes to cruise to? We'll post a new playlist of some of our favorites here periodically or follow @CruiseCtrlRun for more frequent recommendations.