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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Run-Tested Playlist - Murray's Indie Folk Mix

I am not sure that any one really knows what Indie Folk is, but it seemed about right for this wicked mix from our runner friend, Murray. It has Bon Iver, Feist, The Postal Service and Sigur Ros, to name a few. Sure it is a bit folky, but it is on the rockin' side of folky. Enjoy!
  1. Lump Sum - Bon Iver
  2. Sort of Revolution - Fink
  3. Clark Gable - The Postal Service
  4. New Goodbye - Hey Rosetta!
  5. So Says I - The Shins
  6. When I Was A Young Girl - Feist
  7. Clap Your Hands! - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
  8. Set Yourself On Fire - Stars
  9. Civillian - Wye Oak
  10. Gobbledigook - Sigur Ros
  11. Creator - Santogold
  12. Walk in the Park - Beach House
  13. Woman King - Iron and Wine
  14. How Low - Jose Gonzalez
Run-Tested Playlists are a collection of songs that we, and our users, love Cruisin' to. Once on your phone, these songs are guaranteed to make it through the app's tempo analyzer. And, the beat is easy to follow when running. Want more tunes to cruise to? We'll post a new playlist of some of our favorites here periodically or follow @CruiseCtrlRun for more frequent recommendations.