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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Run-Tested Playlist - Ben's Mix

Some of you have been asking: "Where's the electronica?" Well, here is a playlist from Ben, one of our developers. He kicked in some electronica, but also some of his Australian favourites. Of course that means some Paul Kelly, right? Thanks Ben!
  1. Girlshapedlovedrug - Gomez
  2. Dumb Things - Paul Kelly
  3. So Light is Her Footfall - Air
  4. Hard Sun - Eddie Vedder
  5. Surface to Air - The Chemical Brothers
  6. Teardrop - Massive Attack
  7. Which Way Home? - Bernard Fanning
  8. Strong Coffee - The Cat Empire
  9. Army of Me - Bjork
  10. Any Colour You Like - Easy Star All Stars
Run-Tested Playlists are a collection of songs that we, and our users, love Cruisin' to. Once on your phone, these songs are guaranteed to make it through the app's tempo analyzer. And, the beat is easy to follow when running. Want more tunes to cruise to? We'll post a new playlist of some of our favorites here periodically or follow @CruiseCtrlRun for more frequent recommendations.