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Sunday, January 13, 2013

How can I quickly create a playlist?

When you know what songs you want in a playlist, here is tip that we use to quickly create the song list.
  1. Select the Music tab.
  2. Select "Add Playlist..." and give it a title.
  3. Select the new playlist from the list of playlists.
  4. Click on the Search box at the top of the song list view.
  5. Search by song title. You only need to enter a few characters until you see your song appear.
  6. Select the song. It will highlight grey.
  7. Press the X in the Search box to clear the entry (i.e. don't press cancel).
  8. Repeat from #5 until complete.
  9. Press Cancel.
  10. Press Done to finish song selection.
  11. Review your list of songs in the playlist.
  12. Press Done to finalize playlist.
  13. Go to Music tab and select your Running Mode.
  14. Select your new playlist from the Playlist button.
  15. Get out and run!
The trick is really in items #4-#8. When we use this trick, we can transcribe an iTunes playlist in about 20 seconds. Please remember that all your songs on your phone will not end up in the app because only songs with tempos between 70-90 bpm and 140-180 bpm are qualified as songs that we can use to Cruise Control your run.